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As part of our goal to modernise the Antiques market in addition to our bricks and mortar Centres we have been working on our own platform to Advertise and sell Antiques online, say hello to (currently being developed). 

Although we have work to do in refining the platform, due to the current Covid 19 pandemic we thought it would be a great time to launch our e-commerce platform early to help support our 200+ existing dealers in advertising and selling their items whilst our Centres are closed.

We want to use this time to get feedback from our existing dealers so once “back to normal” we can hit the ground running. 

To get things started we are going to upload as many standout items from both our centres as well as uploads from Antique dealers directly. 

absolutely antiques online ecommerce

a new way to buy and sell antiques onlineKey features of Absolutely Antiques will be;

  • Aiming for a global reach
  • Pay by Apple & Google Pay
  • Automatic Daily & Weekly Payouts to Dealers
  • Auto sync your antiques collection with social marketplaces such as; Facebook, Instagram (so customers can buy from within both)
  • Syncing with other online marketplaces such as; Etsy and eBay Coming Soon too (so you have only have to upload once).
  • You get added to a Shop Directory (so you have your own digital shop window or pitch)

Other standout features include;

  • Ask Dealers a Question
  • Review Dealers
  • Follow Dealers
  • Public Q&As
  • Real-time Sales Dashboard accessed anywhere anytime

All this is free to start using right away for early bird dealers, we will only charge you sales commission of 3%. 

sell antiques online free

New dealers are welcome to join the growing family and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s start the Absolutey Antiques journey together, and keep safe out there.(currently being developed)

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